志人/sibitt (Origami / TempleATS)

Poet / Writer / Storyteller/Performing Artist


1982 born in JAPAN
Living deep mountain and secluded valley in KYOTO.

A craftsman of the Japanese language, who shows us new possibilities hidden in words, through his own quest for unique Japanese expressions.
As a member of TempleATS, a group of transnational artists, he has created numerous works of art, and his activities are diverse.
He is also active in the fields of theatrical and classical arts, as well as musical
expression,Performing arts.
An artist whose work transcends national borders and attracts attention from around the world.

Past co-stars (in no particular order)

DJ KRUSH, Sugadairo Trio, Shuntaro Tanikawa,KID KOALA, DJ Q-BERT, Kazufumi Kodama,
DJ KENSEI, DUBMASTER X, Isao Suzuki,Tetsuo Nagasawa, Toshinori Kondo,
Min Tanaka, Kazuhisa Uchihashi,Ishinha and many other artists.

Recent Activities
Live&Voice performance / Theatre Performance / Workshop/ Lecture/
Space performance/ etc..

He began his career in 1999 and
In 2002, the spoken word group “ORIGAMI” (sibitt & nanorunamonai) was formed.
Since then, They has performed at the Fuji Rock Festival and many other festivals. There is nothing like ORIGAMI,They have established the genre of ORIGAMI.and is supported by people all over the world.

from 2005, sibitt began his solo career in earnest,
and has released numerous works to date.

Especially in recent years, sibitt has been involved in more word-oriented artistic activities such as performing arts, voice performances, providing audio guides for the visually impaired, and working as a storyteller in classical arts, with his unique Japanese language expression range.

Sibitt’s recent artistic activities include the following

  • Actors’ Seminar 2014 “Theatre University in Fukuoka” Venue : Fukuoka Civic Center Lecturer : sibitt
    Fukuoka Foundation for Arts and Culture, Japan Stage Directors Association
  • Visual Arts Festival “MOVING” 2015 Pre-event Kyoto Gojo Kaikan Kinema Junpo Theater / Akira Miyanaga + sibitt appearance
    Organized by : MOVING Executive Committee Co-organized by : Kyoto Art Center Cooperation : Mizunoki Museum of Art
  • Participate as a storyteller with the ancient music ensemble “Feast of the Fifteen Nights Venue : Manpukuji Temple ( Mashida City, Higashimachi )
    2015 Agency for Cultural Affairs Regional Art and History Museum Support Project
  • “Outreach Performance for Schools by Artists”@ Elementary school of Shimane, Masuda city 2015
  • sibitt x naniwabushi reciter : Kimie Sato, Vice President of Japan naniwabushi recitation @Shibuya uplink 2015
  • sound tectonics 15 sound&lyrics Venue : YCAM Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media Center, performing as ORIGAMI(sibitt&nanorunamonai) 2015
  • KYOTO EXPERIMENT Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival 2016 SPRING Shinichiro Hayashi (script) x Yukichi Matsumoto (Ishinha, director) x sibitt (leading actor) x Kazuhisa Uchihashi (music and performance) plays the lead role in “PORTAL
    Organized by : Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival Executive Committee ( City of Kyoto, Rome Theater Kyoto, Kyoto Music Foundation Art and Culture Foundation, Kyoto Art Center, and(Kyoto City Arts and Culture Association, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Performing Arts Research Center) 2016

    sibittphoto by Yoshikazu Inoue
  • sibitt × DJ DOLBEE performed 3-hour solo set tour in Nagoya and Osaka. 2016
  • Koji Henso Dance Project 2016 “Sanzaru Fuji Dance”: Venue : Musashino Performing Arts Theatre participation as a storyteller 2016
  • Gilles Peterson played sibitt×Masatsugu Hattori 「Kamutonaru/カムトナル」on bbc radio 6. 2016
  • Participated in the Hokusai Music Expo, a music exhibition for children, as a poetry instructor. 2017
  • Ueno Outdoor Music Hall “Ueno Poetrican Jam 5” with Shuntaro Tanikawa and other performers 2017
  • Museun × Theater : Special Exhibition “Warlords of Iwami” (Myusia vol.3) Program
    “Reviving the Warring States Banquet” 2017
    Organized by : The History of Masuda Project Executive Committee ( Iwami Art Museum, Iwane Prefectural Museum of Art, Iwane Prefecture Mi Art Theater, Medieval Food Recreations Project, and
    Masuda City, Masuda City Board of Education ), Agency for Cultural Affairs Regional Art and History Museum Support Project
  • “MASTUETUTAE” Storyteller: sibitt Music : ZIGEN
    talks about ghost stories/analogy stories based on his own experiences at Matsue NU
  • Takehito Koganezawa×sibitt live performance @ Paraiso coffee Hiroshima /Onomichi city
  • The Hokusai Music Expo” Venue: Kairouan Temple (Ryogoku, Tokyo):  sibitt participated as a lecturer of Poetry writing. 2018
  • The film “Opening Sesame”, directed by filmmaker Kojiro Inoue and featuring the voice of sibitt in Morocco, screened at FICAM (Meknes International Animation Film Festival).2018
  • Started EU tour in March 2018. Invited to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia as a performer on the DJ KRUSH World Tour 2018
  • St.Peterburg, Russia DJ KRUSH performance at Museum of Contemporary Art ERARTA sibitt performance 2018
    Yota Arena / Russia/Moscow DJ KRUSH× Sibitt sibitt performance 2018
  • Performance in Austria
    wolkenvorhang & FOMP present:Wolkenvorhang 37 – performance @ Rhiz Vienna 2018
  • Headz FM(Russia Moscow)
    Focus on Japan – we have Sibitt for a chat about his music & poetry, also new music from DJ KRUSH and his upcoming album «Cosmic Yard».
    DJ KRUSH + special guest Sibitt 2018
  • Oss! Editorial. Part 3 [Guest : Hitomi Kawasaki (bonsai researcher) / sibitt(poet/writer)] Loftwork x Kyoto University of Art and Design Ultra Factory BY EDIT project on “editing Participate in performances and talks 2018
  • September 2018 “Work-in-Progress in Dance Watching with Sound” – sibitt participates in the “audio guide” for visually impaired people to enjoy the arts by assisting them with visual information through sound.
  • Performance by Takehito Koganezawa “UTUSHI KATARI HUTARI” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. As a related event to the “Magic Lantern: A History of Images in Light and Shadow” exhibition,
    Takehito Koganezawa (artist) will give a performance at the Tokyo Museum of Photography. and a live performance by sibitt (the storyteller). 2018

    sibittphoto by bozzo
    BLACK OPERA『Hole On Black』participated as a performer. 2018
  • ”MAZEUM” Sugadairo x Fuyuki Yamakawa x sibitt performance@ Seigan-ji Temple
    MAZEUM is a new festival with a focus on Japan’s most cutting-edge music and related arts from its underground scenes.
    It will take place in multiple venues in the heart of beautiful Kyoto,
    including three temples over the course of two days and nights.
    Discover and experience some of the truly unique talents from Japan and beyond.
    @ Goethe-Institut Tokyo German Cultural Center Hal
    participated as a performer. 2019
  • Takehito Koganezawa Exhibition “Naked Theatre” at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, featuring sibitt,×Sugadairo × Takehito Koganezawa 2019
    sibittphoto by bozzo
  • In the project “POSTMAN×POSTMAN” in the Flying Postman Press, the letter relay baton passed from actor Masahiro Higashide to sibitt was connected to jazz saxophonist Akira Sakata next. 2019
  • Theatrical performance “Kyokutou Taikutsu Dojo #10 “Junction” 11/21-24 @Osaka Prefectural Enokojima Culture and Arts Creation Center.
    sibitt participated as a navigator, appearing in a theatrical performance and performing a 90-minute live radio broadcast as a navigator. 2019
  • Niji no Koku: Chapter 11 –
    Higurashi Murakami×Tomokazu Yamada ×sibitt
    Figaro Japon and madameFIGARO.jp’s serialized project “Niji no Koku”. sibitt contributed a poem
  • Exhibition at the Kanji Museum, the Kanji Library of the Kanji Testing Institute, for about 3 months ( (Closed for the duration of the session due to maintenance and emergency declaration)  as space management 2020
  • @Kyoto Muse Hall: Seppuku Pistols (performance), Toshiaki Toyoda (projection), sibitt (special assassin) 2020
  • Fukuinkan Shoten “Kodomo no tomo “serialized title “Picture Book Words, Language, ” December issue, essay writing 2020
  • TV Tokyo’s “Shinapushu” program
    Songwriting for babies sibitt x Saigonoshudan 2020

降神(sibitt&nanorunamonai) WORKS CD/ Vinyl /Book /film work/ etc

降神 as ORIGAMI (sibitt&nanorunamonai)

  • 『ORIGAMI』2003 (CD-R)
  • 『NOZOMI-Tukiwonakushitaoosama-』2004 (CD)
  • 『Kaerimichi EP』2004 (12inch Vinyl)
  • 『ORIGAMI』s/t National circulation disk 2005 (CD)

sibitt solo WORKS CD/ Vinyl /Book /film work/ etc

Sibitt Discogs

  • ・ sibitt×onimas “Ayahuasca EP” 2005 (12inch Vinyl)
  • sibitt/tamausagi 「Heaven`s Renbun 」2005 (CD)
  • E.H.H Project『Bad Boys Be Ambitious』2007  ( CD)
  • sibitt×DJ DOLBEE 「YenTownFamily Postcard record」2009
  • sibitt×DJ DOLBEE 「YenTownFamily EP」2009 (8cm CD)
  • sibitt×DJ DOLBEE ×ANIMATION「LucidDreams vol.1」2009 (DVD)
  • sibitt×DJ DOLBEE 「Horns of a Dilemma EP』2010(12inch Vinyl)
  • Triune Gods『Seven Days Six Nights』2011  (CD)
  • sibitt「microorganism ep」2011  (CD)
  • MONGOIKA×sibitt/Jesse Dangerously/Thesis Sahib/bleubird 「MOKSA ONLY/Hikarigoke」2012 (7inch Vinyl)
  • sibitt『Zymolytic Human 』2012 (CD)
  • sibitt×Sugadairo 「UTATANE」2012 (CD)
  • Triune Gods『≠ Three Cornered World』2014 (CD)
  • sibitt×DJ DOLBEE「LucidDreams」2015 (CD)
  • sibitt×DJ DOLBEE「LucidDreams Primitive sleep ver』2015 (TAPE)
  • JEMAPUR×sibitt/Tamausagi×ONTODA  『Eu haere ia oe?/Teketensukuteresukutensukusu ep』2017 (CD)
  • 『Eu haere ia oe?/Teketensukuteresukutensukusu ep』2017 (CD)
  • sibitt/tamausagi 「Heaven`s Renbun Independent production 」2017 (CD)
  • Kaidan Kitan “MASTUETUTAE” Kataribe: sibitt Mawashi-shi : ZIGEN
  • sibitt 「ON GOU KYOU MON SEN YAMI RITU JITU」2017 (Book)
  • sibitt×ONTODA 「topological space EP」2018 (CD)
  • sibitt/tamausagi 『UTSUSEMI』2018 (CD)
  • sibitt×ONTODA 「ITOTEKIMAIGO」2018 (12inch Vinyl)
  • sibitt×ONTODA 『BOKODEKOBOKO』2018  (CD)
  • sibitt 『Sainara Mattaira』2018(Book)
  • TerraVerde alias sibitt 「FATWOOD」 2019 (CD)
  • MANMAN(sibitt&440)「MANMAN」single 2019 (CD)
  • “Junction” (written and directed by Shinichiro Hayashi)/ FM89.2 pirate radio broadcast “So Ko Ha Ka” by sibitt/maroudo
    FM89.2 pirate radio broadcast “So Ko Ha Ka” by sibitt/maroudo (2CD)2020